Monday, August 30, 2010

Jewelry-making Supplier Feature: No Snow Supplies

I am inaugurating a new feature here on my blog that is intended to showcase different jewelry-making suppliers that I've come into contact with, along with other services, shops, and individuals who somehow relate to selling jewelry online. I am pleased to introduce Zivile Viteikaite of No Snow Supplies as our very first feature!

This little shop is incredibly endearing and there are so many lovely things to look at. I fell in love with the varieties of plastic flower beads, of course, but there are many different vintage beads and findings as well. Zivile was very happy to answer our questions so that we could learn a little more about this unique individual and this charming online bead shop.

"No Snow Supplies" is a very unique name!
How did you come up with it and how did your shop get started?

So, I’m in Lithuania, a small green country with no hills. It’s very beautiful during the summer, but very cold and dark the rest of the year. So at least I wanted to give some warmth and colours to my shop. And this is how the name came to be, and the colorful style of the shop. I’m a jewelry designer myself, and I only use vintage beads in my creations. I travelled a lot to get my bead collection; and I’m really greedy when it comes to buying beads - if I find some I like, I buy as much I can carry. Until one day I realized I can’t use all of them myself, so I opened this small shop on the internet to share my treasures with others.

What is your favorite part about running your store?

I love working at home! And travelling! And flea markets, and old covert bead shops, where you can find all kinds of the weirdest things. Running a store also made me realize I have a talent for selling, which I never knew I had!

What do you like most about the products you carry?

They are older than me twice! But look so vivid and fun! They all have a story behind them and have travelled from many places around the world - West Germany, Austria, Italy, Japan, Soviet Union, and many others. Sometimes after a stressful day I just sit on the floor, spill some beads and play with them - it’s such a great remedy!

What do you think makes you a creative shop owner?

Selecting beads is one aspect, but then there’s much more. I pay big attention to my photographs, and my head is also always busy thinking about new ideas for better packaging, marketing, collaboration with other crafters, and so on. I’m obsessed with the idea of recycling and I usually make my own envelopes and boxes for shipping. I ask for some scraps in a poligraphic factory, use old wallpapers, or even make my own paper sometimes. So each package is always individual.

Have you reached a big dream or goal,
or are you still working toward one that you'd like to share with us today?

  I’m working on my bead shop right now, I have many more beads than are shown in it and I’m putting new ones up every day, but it’s a very slow proccess... A big dream of mine is to start selling my jewelry online. It’s funny, I’ve been making jewelry for quite a while now, but never tried to sell it online. So I have some plans about opening another shop for my jewelry, but this is for next year only, I guess. And generally my goal in life is to do what I want, to be with people I like, to travel a lot, and to be happy!

Below are some examples of jewelry made with beads from No Snow Supplies.

 Thank you, Zivile!

Our next feature will be a very talented graphics designer who makes and sells business logos and card designs, banners and icons for etsy shop owners. Please check back for more great shop features!

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