Creating Worlds

We've declared March, 2011, to be World-Building Month!
I am devoting my blog to creating worlds and will be exploring how to capture this quality of imaginative transportation with jewelry and possibly other arts and crafts as well. You're welcome to join us on this voyage. :) There will be creative prompts, tutorials, shared resources, inspirations, reviews, interviews and features, giveaways, and we'll see what else!

This will be the main page to chronicle events and will serve as a relic of our shared experiences when this month has passed.

 March 2 - March is for Creating Worlds! (First post)
March 3 - A Creating Worlds Treasury and J.R.R. Tolkien
March 4 - First Prompt and Giveaway - Creating Self through Worlds
March 6 - Looking to the Past for Inspiration 
March 11 - Finding Inspiration In Unlikely Places

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March is for Creating Worlds!

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