Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beadecked Beads

Today I had the pleasure of going to a little bead shop in Southington, Connecticut, called Beadecked Bead Shoppe. It was an adorable window shop with trendy decor, friendly staff, and beads, beads, and more beads! They let me putter around with my camera and answered all of my questions.

My eyes went all googley once inside. There was a wonderful selection of natural stones, Swarovski crystals, porcelain pieces. I was very excited to see a display by the one and only Keith O'Connor, who was featured sometime back in Lorelei Eurto's blog. There were racks of findings, reels of chain, a nice set of silk cords and ribbons. However, by and large, the thing that draws people to this shop most is the fabulous Kazuri Bead offerings.

They had a whole wall devoted to their Kazuri Bead collection. These beads are handmade by underprivileged women in Kenya, Africa. Every single piece is colorful and unique.

The Kazuri Beads East company was founded in 1975 to help offer more opportunities for work and growth to native women in Africa. Today, more than 350 women make beads in this fair trade operation. I had a wonderful time wandering along the tables, picking up beads and pendants to admire them. It's truly a wonderful program and these pieces will add so much to anyone's jewelry. (For more information on this program, check out the Kazuri Beads East web site.)

Beadecked Beads used to be housed in a much smaller space. When they moved to the store they currently occupy, they were able to expand in a lot of fun and efficient ways. One happy addition was a separate beading room where they now host classes and parties. It is a bright, fun space with tables and bins and all sorts of organizational ideas that are well-suited to a studio.

It's hard not to fall in love with this beautiful little shop. They definitely live and breathe beading. <3

So, if you're ever in the neighborhood of Southington, CT, definitely check this place out. I know I'll be going back the next time I'm in town!

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My Life Under the Bus said...

OMG!!! I was here a few weeks ago and met Holly from Silver Rose Designs. She's around the corner. I am closer to the New York border above Danbury in New Fairfield.It's about 45-60 minutes away dep. on traffic. The owner of this shop is very nice. We were soo excited to meet up we didn't take any pictures!They were doing a mini bead show when we went and she had a bunch of cool stuff! Have fun on your trip!!!

Higgins Design Studio said...

What a fabulous place! I love the Kazuri beads as well... not only for their beauty, but for how they help the African women who make them all by hand.
From the looks of it, you are thoroughly enjoying your visit to CT. Be safe out there in the nasty snows and winds.
Hugs, Cindy