Saturday, December 11, 2010

New new new!

New camera! So exciting. :D It's a Fuji digital camera with all kinds of fancy settings that I'm going to have to learn how to use. I bought my brother a new camera for Christmas so he gave me his old one because mine had broken. He loves his new camera and I love mine, too.

I also got some new beads and am trying to finish up all the things I'm making people for the holidays. Almost there! Yesterday night we went to pick up a present for my fiance's mother at a craft store and I found all sorts of wonderful beads.

Some lavender-colored glass flowers, black keishi pearls, top-drilled white biwas, milky blue glass faceted briolettes, golden potato pearls that have been double-drilled (I can't wait to use these!!), some elegant pewter connectors, some faceted sitrine rounds, large gold-tone bead caps, and some lilac-colored seed beads. :3

I also have ordered some drop-dead gorgeous beads from a friend of mine on deviantArt, copperrein. She makes them and anneals them herself. She sent these to me a week or two ago, and I've been dying to use them. I've got a bracelet and some earrings in mind, and possibly a necklace, too. :3 She's very talented, and her etsy shop is full of wonderful things, so check it out!

At any rate, I will be sharing things again. Don't know how regularly with the season upon us, but will be more often than I have in the last two or three months. I hope you're all having lovely holidays! Happy beading. :)

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