Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First blog giveaway ends in less than two days!

This is just a reminder, our giveaway ends Thursday evening (6:00 PM EST). If you are interested in this soft, pretty winter bead mix of my personal favorites, please get your comments in!

Why these beads, this color palette? Living in a northern state has meant dealing with long winters. It's nothing like the months-long night in the arctic and antarctic regions, but it is dark much of the time and sometimes too cold to venture far. (If you've ever experienced a -40 Fahrenheit morning, you know what I mean!) As an artist, I have a hard time with the darkness and with being parted with my beloved outdoors. On warmer days, we try to get outside before the early sunset to capture pictures and to enjoy the frozen loveliness. Winter is harsh, but it does have its own peculiar beauty.

So here's to finding inspiration in challenge!

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