Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh, dear... taxes

Well, it's almost that time of year. I don't know if I have everything I need, or what else I should do before going in to do my taxes. I've read all the literature, and I still don't know if I am doing everything right! There's just so much to remember and so much to keep track of. In (almost) the words of a favorite doctor, "I'm an artist, damnit! Not an accountant!"

Image by m_bartosch

So my first year may not go over too well. It was a learning process for sure. Along the way, I found some very good resources. There's a fellow on etsy who goes by the name of JJMFinance. I ended up purchasing several of his resources with some money I'd made selling things. They've gotten me in ship-shape as far as inventory and keeping track of purchases go.

Another invaluble resource has been the New York State Small Business Development Centers. They sent along materials about starting my own business and yet more state tax literature.

Unfortunately, I'm worried it's a little too late for last year. :/

How do you all handle tax time? I'm so terrified!

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art2cee2 said...

I hate tax time...but we go to an accountant. I guess the key is to keep good records

Almost Precious said...

I'm not an accountant either, nor am I very good with numbers but both of my girls have a head for finances and math...take after their daddy. Anyway since I'm so hopeless,my hubby takes care of the taxes and all finances. I do keep records of everything, from craft supplies to trips to the post office or on any business related errand. So what art2cess2 said about keeping good records is truly important.

I do know that there are several pc programs that are supposed to be terrific for this. So you might want to go online and check some of them out...or get an accountant.

Marian Hertzog said...

I am an accountant but not a tax accountant... I don't do my own taxes. It is a struggle to be a creative accountant... I have been doing paperwork for too many years! I always put off my own til the last minute... ugh!