Thursday, February 10, 2011

Backcountry Heart I


Yours was an empty chair, a track of earth
scuffed into the rug. Along window-
sills were seashells you had brought back,
and stones silk-smooth from gushing water.
In winter, your shadow darkened the snow
where you huddled to watch deer creep
down to ice floes; you wanted to see
their tongues touch water, were still
enough for cardinals to fleck trees
around you. You possessed such quietude.

'Backcountry Heart I' by jamberrysong

Adirondack Chair

Semi Antique 9x12 Oriental M...

Into Memory - 8x10 Fine Art ...

Reclaimed Shells - Total 580...

felted wool stones in shades...

Crystal Snowflake 6x6 Tile

Winter Path with Beech Leave...

Deer dictionary book page co...

Ice Floe Earrings of Gray Mo...

Heirloom Red Deer Tongue Let...

Jingle Bells - Photo Note Ca...

Dark Blue Superior - waterco...

Little Cardinal - 4x4 bird p...

Winter Red

Bone Moon and Sun Brooch

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