Saturday, May 21, 2011

New new new!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while here. We've just started the arduous process of moving... It's going to be a pain, but definitely worth it in the end. I've got my studio space set up already, and I can't tell you how nice it is to finally have a space to keep my beads nice and to work without all sorts of stuff in the way or having to worry about where I put something because it's all right here! Check it out:

We're eventually going to replace the folding tables with a single sturdy table, but for now, they are fine. There's so much light, I love it! I've still got a lot of organizing to do, but it's already a thousand times better than my previous setup...which was pretty much nonexistent. XD YAY! On the left (along with my business papers and such) is my burgeoning collection of beading magazines. I am going to be labeling them for easy browsing. Up on the top shelf I've got my tiny collection of beading books (including a new one I'm going to share with you soon!), some design books for color inspirations, and a few books of fairy tales for when I'm starting to get frustrated---nothing clears your mind like a delightful story!

We took a long walk today. The woods were beautiful! I forgot my camera so I'm going to have to describe in words as best I can... The sun was glinting off the river and the rush of water filled our ears. The air had that green smell that comes with spring; everywhere were blooms---trilliums, wild violets, forget-me-nots, tiny star-shaped blossoms that we did not know the name of, minuscule orange bulbs springing from the moss like a forest in miniature, white blooms of wild strawberries. Light breached the canopy and fell like golden coins on all the new leaves. Just spectacular.

I'm drifting along on this sunny day and am very happy.
Wherever you are today, I hope you are happy, too. :)

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My Life Under the Bus said...

Yeah!!! I think you get most ingenious use of a Tv table ever! Happy creating!

Marian Hertzog said...

Looks inviting! I am excited for you. Moving is always interesting to say the least. Always a time to reflect on the past and look forward to what is to come. The woods sound so peaceful yet full of life!

Therese's Treasures said...

Congatulations on the new digs and a space to create. One day I hope to have a place that I can close off to the rest of the house and world and create, but for right now it's the living room for me. Love the description of your walk in the woods I could picture the path and almost smell the scent of the spring day in upper NY state.