Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Seeking inspiration: summer in the woods

We drove out to the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge over the weekend for a walk in the woods. Beautiful wetlands there; I'm glad that they are being preserved. It was quiet, serene. We were able to enjoy the company of so many birds and frogs on our meander! The fact that we've had decent rainfall this summer in our area made everything so lush and green looking. I brought my camera along, and snapped some lovelies to enjoy later. (Click the thumbnails for a closer look!)


You can definitely bet that greens are going to be seeping right into my designs this week. I have some beautiful malachite chips and some lovely antiqued copper chain that will do just the trick!

I've also got to get some pictures of my recent owl-themed pieces. I tried some new techniques and combinations inspired by nature and things I've learned over the last few months. It feels like my work is growing and evolving all the time, so it will be great having a place to document that.

The only other thing to share is that my parents were getting rid of an old set of shelving units. They are shallow and of a good length that will make them PERFECT for jewelry display. They are made of hardwood that's been distress-painted to look antique. I've got fabric picked out and some stuffing to make cushions to fit in the trays if I so wish to use them. My daytime workplace goes through a lot of cardboard, so I will nab some to recycle into backboards for the cushions for a little extra support. I'm very excited and looking forward to it!

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Kendra said...

That forest looks beautiful. I love to go to state/national parks for inspiration. They can be so magical and it is really great for motivation to just sit and breath in fresh air once in a while isn't it? :)

Pink Dandy Chatter said...

wow, you took some beautiful photos of the forest! I especially love the little frog =)

jamberry_song said...

Thank you! ^__^

And yes, oh my goodness, fresh air is just the best medicine for the spirit!