Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home + Beads + Flu = Sick but Happy

We've been called back home this weekend by a series of strange coincidences, too many to number. Which is fine by me, as I am losing my sister to the south come end of August, and have been wanting to visit some of my past professors because of my high school English teacher's untimely passing. I still miss him, his loss still haunts my dreams. It's unfortunate that it takes something so drastic like this to make you realize how unpredictable life is and just how little time you may have for those you hold dear. What I didn't count on for this visit was a bout of the flu. I'm feeling a little better today, but still lacking in energy, still tired and indisposed to do much of anything.

However, that cannot damper my happiness at seeing family and old friends! And I did manage to get out to some stores that I've missed, being across the state. The day we went out to Potsdam (pre-flu), I stopped at Misty Hollow craft store. The proprietors recognized me immediately because I used to frequent their little shop so often. It was wonderful to catch up, but it was even more wonderful to see just how well they're doing. They've expanded twice now, have spread to the space nextdoor, added a larger beading section, and have doubled (maybe even tripled) their stock of fabric. So, if you're in the north country, definitely make this one of your crafty destinations! Their prices are fantastic and the folks who own and run the store are not only helpful, they're downright ma-and-pop friendly.

My new findings from Misty Hollow:

I got a chance to stop in at the St. Lawrence County Arts Council, which is a wonderful little place. It was great to see Suzy, an old friend who works there now. I miss my Potsdam folks so much! I also discovered that one of my Chinese brush and ink paintings is on show at the Creative Spirit Art Center in downtown Potsdam, at the "Artwork of Maurice Kenny" exhibit, which will be up until September 10th. What a pleasant surprise!

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