Monday, December 20, 2010

Solstice Moon and Thoughts on Photography

Tonight, for the first time since the 1638, there will be a complete lunar eclipse that will coincide with the winter solstice. It begins around 1 a.m. EST, for anyone interested in watching.

Does anyone else read Jewelry Affaire? I have a near-photographic memory, so when I saw the piece on the cover when I got my copy, I felt like I'd seen it before. Going back through my other magazines, sure enough I found it in an issue of another mag from over the summer; looks like it slipped through the cracks. XD Oh, well. It's a beautiful piece.

Today I found some lens pads and a cleaning cloth for my camera. I've been looking everywhere! And you know where I finally found them? In a vision store for glasses and contact lenses. In the future, that's where I'm going first. There aren't really any camera stores around us and none of the electronics stores seemed to have anything like what we needed. What's nice about the pads is that they can be used on computer screens and other electronic equipment like that, as well as on glasses. Gotta love multi-taskers!

Speaking of camera lenses, that reminds me of this web site I ran across today: Joseph Rossbach's Photography Tips. His work is wonderful. And, while he uses Adobe Photoshop and I use the free program GIMP, I learned a lot from his videos.

These techniques are also useful in photographing jewelry. I've already redone several of my darker and unclear pictures. My work on learning the technical stuff of grammar and linguistics continues as well. You are never too old to learn! Is it sad that I spend my vacations this way? XD

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