Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Creating Worlds: Giveaway 2!

It is hard to believe that, even a week ago, there was a thick sheet of ice over all the waterways around here. All the snow is melting now, birds and bunnies have reemerged. Growing things are turning green again.

I had promised a second giveaway, and here it is! This time, it is a sea theme. Sailors in the old days had quite active imaginations. They shared a love/hate relationship with the sea; they couldn't stay away, but they didn't trust it to keep them safe. Old sea charts are riddled with the illustrations of imagined sea monsters and merfolk. Tales were passed down through the generations of wild experiences on the waves, sights glimpsed through fog that ignited speculation, heirlooms and stories of mystical things and places.

Jewelry can capture these sorts of sentiments; certain materials spark the imagination in the same way. So, for this giveaway, I am offering the following.

A strand of light blue glass tube beads, four blue faceted pearls, eighteen green/brown resin beads, one of the lime magnesite slabs I won from Rings&Things, ten black mother-of-pearl discs, four dark blue-green Czech glass beads, two artisan lampwork beads handmade by the extremely talented Copperrein, and a beautiful pewter mermaid charm from Green Girl Studios.


To enter the giveaway, leave a comment here telling me your favorite thing about the sea!
For up to three extra entries, repost about this giveaway on your own blog, Facebook, and/or Twitter.

I will be accepting entries until the morning of Sunday, March 27th.
The winner will be announced at 6 PM EST on Sunday.

Good luck, everyone!

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Christine said...

The sea - just sitting & watching the waves roll in & listening to all of the sounds it makes, is mesmerizing - I could sit there all day.....
Great question!!

Becca said...

Mmm sea - I love jet-skiing, like we did on Christmas Day last year! Here in NZ you're close to the sea wherever you go :P

Gorgeous beads by the way ;)

French Elegant Jewelry said...

The sound is my favorite thing but I love it all the crashing waves the sea gulls the sea shells. Watching the kids and dog play. Just very realaxing

art2cee2 said...

Well, I love the sea for its beauty and calming sounds. As for being on the sea, well, I have a fear of drowning. Guess it is because I am not a great swimmer, I can save myself maybe, but that is it. I haven't really swam in a lot of years. There is nothing better than being on the shore and listening to the waves. :-)

Just Got 2 Bead said...

I love the sea, lake or ocean, for many years people dumped garbage in the water. The water gave us back beautiful sea glass, clean sand, and lots of enjoyment.
Living in Michigan I am lucky to live very near a Great Lake, and you will often find me on the shores, either combing the beach or just sitting enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells.
I wish everyone could live near the water of the world.

KipperCat said...

My favorite thing about the sea is the whole idea of sailing off to a distant land where everyday life is totally different than here at home - no matter where in the world is home. Of course not quite so true in this day and age, but fairly accurate in the great days of sailing ships.

Anonymous said...

Alas, a mermaid, I wish I could be,
to dance and twirl deep in the sea.
Combing gold ringlets in the sun,
luring sailors into unpredictable fun.


- Your Sis

Deci said...

I live where I can see the ocean from my bedroom window. I love it all, the smell, the pebbles, dolphins, otters, elephant seals, broken bits of shell, kelp, sandsharks, beach flies, cute young surfers, old fishermen, alsphaltum, local jade, abalone, sand dabs, sea urchins, minus tides...should I keep going?

Here Bead Dragons said...

if you are lucky, seeing St. Elmo's fire (which is a blue/violet color) or the Green Flash at sunset. that's two things but both are optical and rare.

Here Bead Dragons said...

see sigyn13 at Twitter for that comment.

Lody said...

I love the sound of the waves - so soothing and relaxing!

Lody said...


Lody said...

Shared it on my FB page!
Haverhill Studio (a.k.a. Bead Embroidery)

... will blog about this fabulous giveaway tomorrow.:)