Sunday, March 20, 2011

Maple Syrup Season

The little brown glass beads look like drops of our homemade syrup, and these beautiful green and red jasper rondelles reminded me of the colors of bark and moss in our woods right now. The little antiqued brass focal looks like the thin branches just starting to bud now. I'm loving it.

Also, one last picture from the museum on Thursday. Just look at this desk.

I was seriously drooling. It's an old banker's desk, but isn't it just magnificent? Can you imagine sitting there with all your beading supplies tucked neatly and within arm's reach inside all these drawers, slots, and compartments?

....I can haz one, plz?

Happy spring, everyone. <3

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art2cee2 said...

OOOOH I just love banker's desks too. All antiques really! Very pretty bracelet, I love the leaf on it. :-)

Jeni said...

Speaking as both a beader AND a banker, I WANT that desk!!

Miss Val's Creations said...

I love this time of year!!! The desk is amazing!!! My parents have a couple of antiqued desks like this in the family, but not as elaborate and stunning as this one! They were made for home so I guess that is why they lack the nooks and crannies. ~Val

The Beading Gem said...

It's a beautiful desk alright but nowhere big enough for all my beading stuff! LOL! Pearl

Anonymous said...

Now I know why you liked that old desk so much. XD

- Your Sis

Anonymous said...

Also. That bracelet is one of my favorite pieces you've made. It does remind me of early spring and maple syrup. Love it.