Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inspiration In Unexpected Places

Today I want to share another outlet for artistic expression online: deviantArt. You've probably heard of this site; some of you folks probably even have a membership there. But for those who don't, I want to give you a sneak peek at what wonderful, brilliant things are being offered there. (All images are used here with permission from their respective artists.); used with permission

There is quite a number of extremely talented photographers on deviantArt, despair among them. This photo on the left is of a blossom in a sun shower; it illustrates that we can find inspiration in opposites in our own world. It also proves that these can be presented in magical, fairy-tale ways.

DeviantArt is also home to many very gifted writers, this poet among them. He found inspiration in the image of a stoic bird perched in the countryside:

A fencepost stands tall,
Amid a golden green sea.
   Solitary blackbird.

bugatha1, used with permission

And mixed-media artists of all kinds, such as bugatha1, with her whimsical, darkly humorous found-object collages and vignettes. Her vision and artistic sensibilities allow her to give old things, such as toys and matchstick boxes, new manifestations. These tantalize us with half-familiar icons arranged in ways that create mystery and intrigue.

 And, of course, jewelry artists.

These pieces are about finding inspiration in our everyday lives, and how we translate these experiences into our own worlds on a daily basis. Our perspectives are uniquely our own; artwork and writings allow us to share them with others. Go out into the world! Look around; try to notice things you would otherwise overlook and seek inspiration in them. It may be a mossy stone at the end of the driveway, or the first spring blossoms poking their buds up out of the snow. It may be shards of wood that were broken from the eaves by frost, or a pool of water forming in the middle of the creek where ice is starting to thaw.

These are daily treasures and can serve to spark magnificent things.

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