Monday, March 14, 2011

Pay It Forward!

As promised, here is the post detailing the Pay It Forward giveaway. This concept did not begin with the fabulous Amybeads, but this round did.

My Story:

All through grade school, I used to get bullied by my classmates. When middle school started, I was so anxious about being bullied by even more people (it was a much bigger school than my elementary), that I actually gave myself physical health problems. It was the first week of classes in the new school at lunch period and I was standing in line straight-faced, not looking forward to sitting all along again, when I heard a voice next to me. "So what's your name?" I was so surprised, I didn't answer. "Hello! Earth to you! What's your name?" I said it guiltily. "Well, my name's Kim," she said. She started telling me all about herself. When I went to my table in the corner, she followed me and sat down, too. Even though I was chilly to her, she was determined to be my friend. It was this friendship that got me through those middle school years. Her sweet intervention was exactly what I needed; I hope she knows how grateful I am all these years later.

The Pay It Forward Details:

I am offering five handmade goodies to five individuals free of charge. The only stipulations are that (1) they share an inspiring story where someone helped them out in a situation, and (2) they offer five handmade goodies to others with the same stipulations in order to "pay it forward".

There is no limit as to what kind of handmade goodies one can offer; only one's creativity. ;) As many of us here are, I am a pretty multi-talented individual. The goody can be a drawing, a painting, a craft item, a piece of jewelry, something knitted or crocheted, something sewn, or so forth.

So the first five commenters, if they agree to carry on the Pay It Forward, will receive one free handmade gift each. :) All you have to do is comment with your inspirational story and pay it forward yourself on your blog!

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