Saturday, March 19, 2011

Inspired This Week

Even though I lost several days of my vacation to being terribly ill, these last few days have been so lovely. The weather's been warm and much of the snow has melted, which brings joy in and of itself. And how very fitting for St. Patrick's Day, everything green returning after the winter. There have been robins and phoebes flitting around the yard, squirrels dancing about under trees. We had a surreal moment when several flocks of geese passed overhead at once, just behind a thin veil of clouds so that they appeared ghost-like to us. Lovely, lovely.

I wanted to go out after being in bed for so many days. So I dragged my sister and fiancé into the city to the historical society museum, a gorgeous Victorian mansion full of magnificent things! Let me show you some of them.

Below is one of my favorite things from the museum. They had this tiny table covered with crayons and with a pile of coloring pages of the United States presidents. This was hanging up on the wall above it:

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (artist unknown)
Too fun!

After the museum, we headed down the street to see where its former Victorian owner made his fortune. Apparently he was the owner and founder of one of the first shopping malls in this country. It has been beautifully renovated since I was a kid (I was happy to see), and currently looks a little like a European outdoor market:

To the left is a charming little antique store that we went into. I got an antique key from the 1900s (1906, I think) and one of those lovely Pollyanna prisms (read: chandelier crystal). At the end of the hallway pictured and also to the left is a metaphysics shop. I picked up several stones there that I hope to wire wrap when I get some more of my favorite wire. Can't wait!

Here's hoping for a relatively healthy spring for everyone! <3

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Emerald Window said...

Reading your blog is one of the highlights of my day! I LOVE these pictures. Where was this? I reread your blogs but couldn't find a mention of where you were vacationing.

jamberry_song said...

Thank you, Cenya! That is so very sweet of you. :) These pictures were taken in Watertown, NY; not too far from where we are staying with my parents on their wonderful farm. <3 Sorry I didn't mention it before!