Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

Oh gosh, another week gone by. Snap!

This past weekend I engorged myself with beads and beady things. Michael's and JoAnn Fabric are both having huge and fabulous sales, so um... Yeah... I tried not to go too crazy! I really did!

I've also still been scrambling to get things done for my show Saturday. This means I will miss the big bead fest in King of Prussia this time around. :( Ah, well. There's always next time, right? And I do plan to attend at some point! It would be fabulous to meet people I admire in person! Anyway, the show also means I'm scrambling to take pictures of things before they're potentially gone. Why am I so lazy when it comes to taking pictures? Some of these are new, and some are very old that I just never got pictures of. They've been sitting out on my bead tray, so I figured I'd post them, too.

New stuff for the stash:

This is my first pendant made with annealed steel wire:

I went over it lightly with a wire brush, but it will probably need to be sealed before I do anything else with it. Anyone have any suggestions about this? I've heard Renaissance Wax is good, but have never tried it myself.

"Cross My Heart" bracelet, made with the last beads I bought at my favorite hometown bead store that just went out of business. :(

"El Dorado"; this is made with matte-finish goldtone connectors and sun stones! I love sun stones. They have such an exotic color and an understated sparkle.

"Rain Dancer," made with Marsha Neal Studio silk cording and some beautiful apatite rondelles and fluorite briolettes (this is a favorite!):

"Earth Bear":

I'm looking forward to having all these projects done and photographed! What are you all up to this week?

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Marian Hertzog said...

Love the Rain Dancer piece the most! Looks like you had fun shopping! I just got some Renaissance wax for my polymer beads. It is pretty nice!

CraftyHope said...

Wow! Now that's a stash! Such a wonderful spread of goodies.
I've been wanting some of that wax too. Hmmmm.
I do like those earrings you made with the annealed wire. They're very cool!

Becca said...

Very nice - your stash and your creations!! This is going to prove I'm just a beginner, but what is "annealed" steel wire?

Looking forward to receiving my goodies eventually ;)

art2cee2 said...

These are just beautiful. I know with your new stash you will be creating even more beautiful jewelry! :-)

Marisa Hopkins said...

Wow what an awesome stash!! And those are just gorgeous!

Almost Precious said...

Your finished creations are beautiful, each one unique and lovely.

Don't you just love those really great sales? Sure we tend to over spend but later we always regret that we didn't buy more to take advantage of the low sales prices. Ah such is life, impossible to have our cake and eat it too. :D

Pretty Little Psycho said...

Getting behind on your blog because I've been sick. Really. All I've been up to is sleeping, misery and agony. At least now I know why you weren't around Saturday or answering calls. I forgot about your bead show. *facepalm*

I like the finished pieces you've got here. And their names are so fitting. The one I can hear rain. And Earth bear is perfect.