Sunday, May 29, 2011

Review: Mixed Media with Jean Campbell

For a limited time, Interweave Press and Beading Daily are offering the downloadable video, Mixed Media: Personalized Jewelry - Capturing Memories in Handmade Detail with Jean Campbell for just $0.10.

I was a bit skeptical about jewelry-making videos. I'm not someone who watches the television very often, if at all (we haven't had cable for four years), and when I put a video in I don't usually watch it per se; I listen and sometimes look at the screen to see what's going on from time to time. Magazines, books, and online tutorials are what I'm used to if I can't take a class in person. However, because of the special on this title, I figured why not try it? I'm always up for new things and have admired Jean Campbell's work in books and magazines in the past.

The video comes with a PDF file and the formats of both are very accessible. I will admit, watching the video was a bit awkward for me; there were definitely moments where I was talking to the screen. On the upside, I could rewatch parts that interested me to really understand the techniques. It is a very informative video, with tips and tricks that I wouldn't have thought of. For instance, I have a lot of rubber stamps and, until I watched this video, I didn't realize how narrow-minded I was about using them in my jewelry-making processes. That was a real eye-opener. There were also several different types of resin I'd never heard of and now really want to try. Jean's projects were all very clever and the possibilities for personalization are virtually endless.

Someone who knows a lot about these sorts of techniques might find this video redundant. For us dabblers, however, who have not tried these techniques before---I really recommend it! It's a great introduction to a lot of very popular trends. And at $0.10, there's really no beating the price. I think I'll be ordering some other downloadable videos in the near future... She's got another one on steampunk jewelry that I've been ogling with my greedy little eyes. Who knows? Maybe you'll see a review of that one here, too. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Very cool !!! I love cheap - I may have to download this!

Patty from

Miss Val's Creations said...

What a bargain! I used to love watching Beads, Baubles & Jewels on public television until my cable company took that station away from me. :( A video on the computer sounds better since you can refer back to it. Thank you for sharing. ~Val